EDM 101

Episode 1The first of seven episodes introducing electronic dance music, my theory on language, digital culture and globalization. This episode starts in the 1920’s with the music concret movement, touches on krafwerk, early Detroit techno, Chicago house and leads up to the 1990’s Garage sound coming out of NYC. Samples of early synthesizers and drum machines are also included.

Episode 2Ventures over to England and focuses on the events that lead to the explosion of electronic dance music into the realm of popularity. Socio-political factors help frame the acid house explosion and build in some context as a stepping stone towards rave culture.

Episode 3 – Is ‘Ardcore!’ Do you know the  score? We focus in the early 90’s and explore the explosion of rave culture in both Europe and the U.S. This is followed up with a short discussion on sub-culture theory and a look at the way music evolves.

Episode 4 – Shortly after rave burst onto the global scene, ambient house and techno- along with similar, slower electronic sounds, rose to popularity. Influential record labels like m_nus and artists such as Aphex Twin and Autechre are introduced. Along with the important Artificial Intelligence record compilation. The episode concludes with a final word about the global nature of electronic music and makes the argument that this loosely categorized genre, more than any other is particularly relevant for the inquiry into music as a catalyst for cross cultural exchanges.

Episode 5 – Moving out of past and into the present, “Playing Live” focuses on the advent of laptop performing. How are dynamics changing on the dance floor due to the new technology? What are the future directions of EDM music and how is it made? I offer a tutorial montage to give a glimpse how dubstep is made and end with some thoughts on music distribution.

Episode 6In EDM 101 Episode 6 we explored the question, “Does the local matter?” As Internet technology spreads globally, international ties become stronger by the minute.Interviews with media theorists along with a brief history if networked music help bring to light some of the issues that are increasingly changing the way we perceive notions of ‘local’ vs. ‘global’.

Episode 7 – This is the final episode of EDM 101. We dive deep into the world of new technology and explore mediated environments which entail aspects of both physical and virtual spaces. Can there be successful jamming of electronic music online? Can energy transfer through the screen? A long lists of theorists and practitioners weigh in on the great debate. Join us for the EDM 101 series wrap up for an enlightening discussion around new technology, culture and electronic dance music.

Lastly, you can find all reading materials referenced throughout the podcast under references.