Iannis Xenakis International Electronic Music Competition

Stadium of Gold

The above composition was composed solely by midi produced from a max msp patch. The patch, created and made available by Tom Cosm allows the user to upload any image into the patch which will then “write” midi notes until the image is depicted, (see image 1)  within the Ableton live project. As a Montreal native, I was inspired by the shape of the Olympic Stadium which I thought had a very “Xenakis” style (see image 2) and the golden ratio, a no brainer for this piece. I stretched the image of the Olympic Stadium image to fit exactly the Golden Ratio and used this to obtain the midi used in this piece (see image 3). Once I had the midi stretched to approximately 7 minutes I started running different types of samples, instruments, pads and effect through the midi notes. I gathered approximately 25 different wav files and then narrowed down to my favorites which made the final composition, 9 clips in total. The most challenging part of the piece came in the last step which was to make the clips work together harmoniously. This was accomplished by playing the clips over and over again until I could “perform them” live by adjusting track volumes, EQ’s and other audio effects. This recording is the result of one of these performances.

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