Collider at TINY/MASSIVE

Nordic Audiovisual Artists presented Tiny/Massive. A series of architectural interventions where monumental structures were transformed into a creative canvas of light in February 2019. For the very first edition they released an open call, inviting artists to create unique video and interactive content for Harpa in Reykjavik.

Collider, a sound and light collaboration by Yael Braha and myself, was shown everyday of the festival from the 7th to the 10th of February.

Project Description:

A collision of nature sounds + man-made scapes.

Visuals: Yael Braha 
Sound: Cassidy Lerman
Additional Sound: contributors clt008 and tim.kahn

Yael Braha
With a background in graphic design, filmmaking, animation, fabrication and electronics, Yael works on interactive, immersive and interdisciplinary art projects. Originally from Rome, Italy, Yael earned a BA in Graphic Design and an MFA in Cinema, and currently lives in Montreal.